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Video. Photo. Art.

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Arlington: The American Dream City

Filming interviews and b-roll with Rod FourSandyFeet for the City of Arlington's re-branding project! It was great meeting local officials…
Behind the Scenes: SQUEEZEBOX

Behind the Scenes: SQUEEZEBOX

It's really great when I get a chance to work with hardworking, talented people. It's even better when I get…
Custom Stickers:

Custom Stickers:

Super excited to print up some die-cut stickers of my drawings!  Once they're in I'll do some quality control and…

Pretty Sweet Weddings:

For those that may not be aware, I shoot weddings as well! My wedding work can be found through my…
Austin Hangout:

Austin Hangout:

We went up to Austin (I think in Feb) to hangout with Chris, Jade, and Killer for the afternoon.  #goodtimes
Behind The Scenes:  In a cave!

Behind The Scenes: In a cave!

Spent some time making a short film for the SA48Hr Film Contest...in a secret cave! In the middle of a…
Mini Photoshoot:

Mini Photoshoot:

The 20min Photoshoot. That's about as much time as they could handle before wanting to move on to something else,…

Music Video: KIA “In My Mind”

Written & Directed: Rod Guajardo Assistant Director: Ismael Rodriguez Cinematographers: Rod Guajardo, Richard Jemal Edited by: Rod Guajardo, Richard Jemal,…
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