We went to NAB Show 2015 in Las Vegas recently and learned quite a bit! The gear was cool, but the people were even cooler! Just a quick update: The @canonusa 11-24mm is a beast! I tried out @redrockmicro #scout and their new #Halo (awesome). Thanks @zacuto for the hands on overview, now I'm really eyeballin the #c100griprelocator.  Made some new friends and finally met some old ones IRL (in real life)! @Adorama @StephenSnavely @CinemillsTX! It was really great meeting everyone! That's it for now! 

Director of Photography Richard Jemal
Product demo for the Nyrius Aries Pro. An awesome piece of gear to add to your kit when you need to monitor wirelessly! Check it out, we had a great time filming this at our Southtown Collective Studio. #okletsshoot #rjemal #sanantonio #videographer

A great experience meeting so many inspiring educators and innovators! We had a great time shooting this video with the team from Agilix at SXSW EDU.  #okletsshoot #rjemal #sanantonio #videographer
Director Richard Jemal


Director of Photography Richard Jemal Produced by Jay Warren, edited by Stephen Snavely, and directed by Rod Guajardo. I met and interviewed lots of great people doing great things; the mayor, the police chief, UTA professors, scientists...you name it, the list goes on.  #okletsshoot #rjemal #sanantonio #videographer
One of my favorite locations to shoot this past year was in the bakery at Mindy Lu's Pies in Arlington. Maybe it had a lot to do with the fact that they were kind enough to let me try a hot, fresh pie or maybe because it felt like I was behind the scenes of a How It's Made episode.

Here's a couple more of the videos I had fun DP'ing on! Primarily because I got to fly around the court on a DJI Ronin while the athletes played. Almost got run over a couple times, but the rush was worth it! And those cars were amazing!


Shot some BTS photos for SQUEEZEBOX, an upcoming film by Sam Lerma. It's great to work with talented and creative people! Can't wait till the movie premiere!  Photography Richard Jemal #okletsshoot #rjemal #sanantonio #videographer

Behind The Scenes: #okletsshoot #rjemal #sanantonio #videographer



    Richard Jemal is a creative shooter, skilled in lighting, cameras, and editing. From studio shoots to multi-cam live events, Richard enjoys working closely with his clients to create content that will engage and connect them with their target audience.

    He loves drawing, agua frescas and the movie Tommy Boy.


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